Stay Committed to Your Dreams: One-Liner Wednesday

When others cannot visualize your dreams, and, therefore think it impossible, you keep believing until the impossible becomes your reality.

Written for One-Liner Wednesday from Linda G. Hill. I learned through experience to never allow others to define my possibility. I went from being on the welfare to teaching at a prestigious university in California, even though people told me that I would never succeed and going to college was a waste of my money and time. I got the last laugh!

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  1. I love a success story–beautifully done!! I don’t know how familiar you are with Tyler Perry–but he’s a Believer, and a success story, and his book is well worth reading: Higher Is Waiting. In it he says, “sometimes our dreams have to believe for us”…when we lose faith that they’ll ever come true. Blessings to you!


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