The Crime Fighters: Genre Writing Challenge April 3, 2019

Detective Chief Inspector Janney arrived at the scene of the crime with her new assistant, Detective Sergeant Charlotte Wells. After looking over the murder victim, they stepped aside to allow Dr. Carlton Wesley, the Medical examiner, access to the victim.

When Dr. Wesley was finished, DCI Janney asked cause of death and time of death. Looking exasperated, he reminded her that he did not like to be put on the spot that way. Wells noticed as sparks flew between the two, and decided that these two people did not like each other. Janney didn’t respond to the ME, she just stared at him expectantly, never bowing down to his angry words.

With a deep sign, he informed the two ladies that the victim had died from what appeared to be poisoning, some time in the last seven to ten hours. He would be more precise after he got the victim on the table. Janney seemed to accept it with good grace, even smiling at him. She said, “Thanks, Doctor.”

Janney and Wells continued to work the crime scene until late in the night, interviewing the people in the vitim’s household. Finally, when there was no more that they could do, Janney told Wells to go along home, and she would do the same. Wells hesitated and looked as if she wanted to ask a question or make an observation.

Janney said, “Is there a problem, DS Well? You can say whatever is bothering you.” Wells responded, “Look, Chief, it’s none of my business, but how can you and the ME work together when it’s obvious you don’t like each other.” Janney smiled and enigmatically said, “If you only knew! Good night, Sergeant.”

Opening her front door, Janney smelled her favorite food cooking, a porterhouse steak on the grill and garlic mashed potatoes. As she stepped on the patio, she saw him, handsome, with caramel-colored skin, and a smile that had lit up many a night.

He smiled when he saw her, mesmerized by her brown beauty and strength, the best of the detectives he had to work with. He said, “Welcome home, Chief. I thought you would rather I come home and cook than stay and work on your victim.” She walked over and gave him a big kiss and said, “Thank you, Doctor.”

Fictional story written for the Genre Writing Challenge from The Haunted Wordsmith for April 3, 2019: romantic thriller. I loved writing this story. I am a British murder mystery fanatic! I hope you enjoy it.

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