Getting Away Alone: Three Things Challenge #51

Catherine stood on the top of the Tokyo Skytree, the tallest structure in the city, with 29 floors. She loved the 360 degree views of the city, for it gave her a sense of Japan’s rich history.

She wished that she had not worn a skirt, but pants instead, because of the wind. She had to keep holding the hem down, to avoid offending people. But, here she was in a foreign city alone, something she never imagined that she could do. She loved all things oriental, and she had been fascinated with Japan since reading James Clavell’s epic Japanese sage, Shogun.

The only negative element was that her husband had warned her not to go, but he had not desired to go. Because it was the requisite three days after he left for a business trip that he would call her, she dreaded the inevitable, but knew that it would come today.

True to form, Paul called to check on her comings and goings. He always began with the same three words, not even saying hello. Until lately, the question had caused her to toe the line and submit to his decisions. But this time, the answer would not be to his liking.

“Where are you?”

“I am in Tokyo, Japan!”

“I told you not to go anywhere without me? What do you think you are doing?”

“I am being my own woman. It’s time, don’t you think, considering I am 35 years old?”

After a prolonged silence from his end, just heavy breathing that betrayed his anger, she said, “I will see you in ten days.” And she disconnected the call, already deciding which historic building or garden she wanted to record next for her memory album.

Fictional story written for Three Things Challenge from Paula Light of Light Motifs: record, skirt, Japan, and for the Story Starter Challenge from The Haunted Wordsmith: “Where are you?”

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