What’s My Story Then #5

Open windows fascinated Jared, and he’d had many wonderful adventures involving jumping or crawling out of windows. Considering that the door had slammed shut behind him and two of his friends, Caleb and Mark, the open widow was a welcome sight.

The view of outside was more than enough for Jared to consider the window the perfect exit strategy. Really, it was the only one, if you didn’t count waiting on someone to come find them and open the door from the outside.

His friends looked at high up the window was, and they warned Jared. But the more they expounded on reasons for not using the window exit, the more Jared countered with an opposite argument of the merits of the open window.

Up he went, squeezing his tall, thin frame through the window. But, when he looked at what was beneath it, it was too late. He fell three floors into the dumpster for the nightclub next day, filled with unmentionable stuff. He couldn’t get any traction on the bottom of the dumpster to get out! He had to admit that his friends were right.

Later that night explaining his stinky body and a broken clavicle to his parents, he admitted, “They told me, they said don’t do it, don’t look but I thought I knew best.” His father reminded him that even as a little boy, he had been hard-headed, getting in many scrapes because he failed to listen to others. He hoped now that Jared had learned enough of a painful lesson to change his ways, but he doubted it! Some people just never learn!

I decided to try the What’s My Story Then challenge #5 from Rory at a Guy Named Bloke: 100-300 words in a story using the photo above as inspiration and the following words: “They told me, they said don’t do it, don’t look but …” Also, Linda G. Hill’s Saturday Stream of Consciousness prompt: xp, thus expound and explaining.

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  1. Very nicely done 🙂

    You are quite right, some people never learn, until either too late or when they are completely broken into many pieces.

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