When the Suburbanite Met the Forest: Three Things Challenge # 72

Caitlin bought a ranch home in a new suburb just beyond the outskirts of Musgrave, the big city in her area. No one alerted her to the possibility of bears coming into her yard or even in her house, for she would have never considered a house where wild animals roamed, being so afraid of them.

So, imagine her surprise to come home, look out the back door, and see a black bear on the back porch drinking a fizzy drink, one of the several drinks she had forgotten to take back into the kitchen the night before after her housewarming party. He seemed to be enjoying himself, as little bits of effervescence tickled his nose.

Caitlin started screaming, and the bear was so frightened by the noise that he skedaddled for the forest. Caitlin called her realtor and advised that she was putting the house back up for sale, and he would be paying for the move.

Fictional story written for The Three Things Challenge from Paula Light of Light Motifs II: bear, fizz, ranch.

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