Igniting the Passion to Travel: Flash Fiction Challenge

Photo by Ektulila@pexels.com

Ashley’s father had sent her to find his pipe in the den. As she looked everywhere for the pipe, she found a set of scrolls in boxes. When she pulled one out, she saw maps of some kind, with destinations that she had never seen on any atlas or globe. Taking them to her room to get a better look, something seemed to touch a space inside of her that she did not recognize.

She had a deep fear of strangers, preferring staying close to home. But, as she stared at the maps, she thought of all the places in the world that she could be visiting, seeing objects, enjoying exotic foods, and experiencing people that she would never encounter in her small village.

How wide the oceans that promised adventures! How high the mountains that begged to be climbed! Someone had traversed these lands and made images for others to follow in their footsteps!

Unbeknownst to her, Ashley had caught the passion to travel! It is like no other feeling, that desire to traipse unknown paths and learn new languages and cultures. It takes hold of your soul and spirit and it will not release you.

She hurried to her father’s office, showing him her prize and telling him of her desire to see the world! He hid his smile, for he had placed those maps in the den for the express purpose of trying to ignite some passion in his daughter to take risks and live a full life.

His plan had worked marvelously! All she had needed was a push! He came to love the excitement and joy on Ashley’s face as she recounted her adventures, and he and her mother sometimes joined her on trips. Viva La Travel!

Fictional story of 292 words for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #11. Word of the Day is Trip.

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