Women Who Do Law: Wordle #131

Her name was Elle. She went to law school against her parents’ wishes. They thought her legal dreams unrealistic, for she did not have the dog-eat-dog disposition that being a lawyer required.

Her friends, the real ones who knew her on a soul level, understood that even though Elle was lovely on the outside, she had a streak of steel in her veins that she could tap into when cases became wonky and prosecutors tried to give her a hard time.

For example, she had a client named George, a waitperson who was alleged to have stolen the scrippage from wealthy individuals at a dinner party in Soho. The police said that George stole the money while he was passing out Chocolate White Russians.

George was the perfect scapegoat, having being a minor thief as a child. But he had experienced metanoia, becoming a Christian, which meant a complete change in his attitudes on crime. So, when he told Elle that he was innocent, she believed him.

She had to determine whom among the guests was the likely culprit. She learned that Crystal Winklehouse, the notorious kleptomaniac, had attended the carousal.

When Elle approached her with the allegations as she rode the carousel at the fair, Crystal soon confessed that she took the money, such insignificant sums that she thought no one would miss them. After restitution, she received no jail time, proving once again to Elle that Lady Justice is blind to the deeds of the rich among us.

Fictional story written for the Wordle #131 from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. The twelve words to use are friends, tap, wonky, approach, scrippage, lovely, disposition, give, metanoia, party, unrealistic, dinner. Also April Writing Prompt #30: Her name was Elle, and The Three Things Challenge from Paula Light of Light Motifs II: carousel, chocolate, and lawyer.

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