My High School Reunion: Tale Weaver #226

This year is the 50th since I graduated from high school.

Deep in my veins, I wonder if attending it might be cool.

I promised myself on that faraway graduation day

That like mangoes, I would avoid those people in every way.

Being bullied daily about my looks caused me so much pain,

And made me not want to see any of those students again.

But, maybe it’s time to let it all go, so many years have passed.

I can be proud of all the success in college that I amassed.

For the last forty-nine years, I made sure to not see anyone,

So, maybe I will put my hurts aside and attend this reunion.

I hope no one will offend me, calling me those awful names,

As I don’t want to go to jail and remember the night with shame.

Written for Tale Weaver #226: write on what reunion means to you. I have never attended one reunion from my high school class, but Douglas thinks I should attend this one in August. I am contemplating it, but I admit that I am scared that someone will call me a name, and it will take a few police officers to get this old gal off their behinds. Also written for the Three Things Challenge #113 from Paula Light at Light Motifs II: mango, college, and vein.

2 thoughts on “My High School Reunion: Tale Weaver #226

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  1. Attend with your head held up high! 😊 Of course, this advice is coming from someone who hasn’t attended a single reunion either. 😉


  2. It’s a big decision Regina as I see it. But you’d like to think that in 50 years your classmates like you have grown up and the prejudices of so long ago might not occur, it would be sad if they did. Reunions are not a big thing down here, I did go to a few over the years and had trouble recognising some people, we do change I know that.


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