I Am Still Here, In More Ways Than One!

I am still here, living and breathing, dreaming, packing, healing, and now writing on my blog again! I am excited just to be alive at this moment, watching as my life takes new turns. I am thrilled at how Abba, our heavenly Father is moving in our lives.

I have missed writing, but Douglas and I have had lots to do, as we prepare for the next phenomenal acts in our stories. Due to limited funds and energy, we had decided to auction the house. Even then, there was a need to de-clutter and make the house presentable for pictures.

I had decided to sell by auction, so there would be no delay, even though we would receive less for the house. Then, last Sunday, I learned about a female realtor. When she heard we were considering an auction, she came, saw the house and its potential, and advised us on shortcuts and less expensive ways to make the house desirable by families.

We have boxed up everything not needed for everyday life, and what a beauty this place is! We placed new flowers around the rose bushes, to enhance the curb appeal, having weeds pulled up in the yard also. Oh, how we clutter our homes and our lives until we cannot see the beauty and value in either one.

We had the house pressure washed, and discovered its real color. Cleaning the screened-in back porch, furniture and the deck, gave it new life, and now, I just want to sit outside and listen to the birds. Of course, repairing the screen means that the bird nest in the ceiling is a one off.

I chose the auction because I was afraid. I was so stressed about it that my healing from the defibrillator surgery was slowed. Then, I saw the words of Isaiah 41:10, and I knew that they were for me: Don’t be afraid, for I am with you. Don’t be discouraged, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up with my victorious right hand.

Just knowing that I am not alone in the process has given me a new perspective on moving and on aging. I exhaled, and now I can inhale. I have been energized by the work of making this house ready for another family to find joy, peace, and laughter in it. I don’t mind the sacrifices that will allow the family that God has blessed with this house to just come in and start to enjoy it.

Change doesn’t have to be negative. I have dreams that, realistically, will be easier to fulfill in Atlanta. Considering we drive four hours to Atlanta to catch flights to Europe, traveling will be easier. I miss teaching, so I am going back as an adjunct, and Atlanta has more opportunities for me, as many of my old professors still teach there and will be a great resource.

So, yes, I am still here, in more ways than one. Still vital and valuable, hoping, dreaming, and believing that my best life is ahead of me! I am healed, with an occasional pain at the sight, but I can do just about anything I want.

I know my limitations, but I am still learning just how high I can soar, and that is more life affirming than anything. I thank God for health and strength and for guiding our footsteps, placing people in our lives to help show us the right way to go.

Look out for a few posts today, for this blogging gal has missed it so much! Got to get some of these words out of my system, and then floors to scrub! As long as we are alive, we must be striving for experiencing our best life possible, and at 67 years old, there is still a lot of living in me, still dreams to fulfill and love to experience. Thanks be to Abba, my Father!

Fandango prompt is Delay. Ragtag prompt is Rose. Word of the Day is Sacrifice. Your Daily Prompt is Inhale.

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  1. Goodness! Life has been unsettling and very busy lately so today I have been catching up on reading and thought I had completely missed something in your journey. I am delighted to see you back and selfishly glad I didn’t miss too much. Prayers lifted for you to continue in certitude and peace as you make these life changes. God is indeed good – and he has blessed us with so many of your gifts. I look forward to following your journey in the coming days and very thankful you are healing. Godspeed!


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