Greedy is Never Pretty: Three Things Challenge 178

He was my Uncle Jack, but he was greedy beyond belief. He had been a great drummer, destined to play with a traveling rock band. But, his inability to know when he was satisfied, caused him to get so big that he couldn’t fit behind the drums. Even having to give up his dreams didn’t rehabilitate his behavior.

Once, Mama made my favorite dessert, tapioca pudding. She cooked enough to take for the church supper and for us kids to have the next day for dessert. The moment I saw Uncle Jack come through the door, I knew that we could kiss goodbye any hope of having enough tapioca pudding for our dessert. Sure enough, he badgered Mama for just a “small” helping, stating that he was so hungry, he just couldn’t wait until after church service.

One helping became half the pan, and Mama had to take the extra one out of the fridge to take for the church supper. No tapioca pudding for us! But, I still love him!

Fictional story for the Three Things Challenge from Paula Lights: tapioca, drummer, greed. Thank you, Paula, for the great prompts. 


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