Mama’s Got a Lot of Words to Impart!

My old computer was so slow that many days, I just didn’t want to fool with it. Everything I tried to open took so long that they timed out. It took me hours to write more than one blog post. I knew that my last nerve had been stretched beyond hope when I prepared to throw the thing out of the window. I was a real basket case.

Frugal Douglas wanted me to just learn patience and keep using it. I tried everything in the manual to speed it up, even asking experts to see if they could determine the problem. I paid Bitdefender $49.95 to remotely enter the computer and see if they could speed it up.

The young man, who sounded about the age of my youngest grandchild, very condescendingly notified me that it was the computer itself. It was so old and slow that they didn’t have a way to access it remotely. Without using spicy language, I informed him that the computer wasn’t even three years old. He empathized so much with my ignorance of computer idioms that he refunded my money. I think he felt so sorry for the old gal!

Look, bus speed to me refers to how fast is the bus I am riding going. Cache is the things I hide in places that Douglas doesn’t know about, particularly candy that I am not supposed to eat. Ram is a Dodge product and part of someone’s horoscope, and memory is something I need more of today in my head!

I finally went to Best Buy, after trying to shop online for a computer, which was why I was in the predicament already. At Best Buy, the nice young man explained what I needed. I didn’t understand a word except it will work fast. I bought it, and two days later, UPS delivered it.

I hooked it up, and OMG (I can speak like the youngsters!), it is wonderful. Yesterday, I wrote five posts! I can read and comment again, not just like posts! I can have three or four different windows up at a time! Be still, my heart!

I remember taking computer classes in the 1960s or 1970s. You were in trouble if the cards fell out of your hands. It took forever to run an operation, but we were on the edge of technological change. It is so different.

Now, children as young as three can nearly program their parents’ cellphones to find games to play. I think of how much more they will learn than my generation ever knew. These kids love their electronic devices as much as we loved our first televisions. I just hope that they will also learn to appreciate face-to-face communications and writing letters, not just one-word text, such as K, instead of even okay.

But, whether this is progress or not, I will not debate. I am just glad that I can write my blog without having to take drugs to calm my nerves. So watch out, readers and followers, Mama’s got a lot to words to get off her chest!

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      1. That is great. I bought an old computer just to get that much memory. They are making more and more that are dependent on the cloud for memory. I back it up there but want it here with me!!

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