Surviving the Fire: Thursday Inspiration

My feet were held to the fire,

By someone I thought I could trust.

When I could no longer bear the pain,

I knew my life I needed to adjust.

So, I called out to my Creator,

Lord, this is not the love I sought.

He answered and saved my life,

For by His blood I had been bought.

Love is never meant to belittle or hurt,

We are meant to be treasured and thrive.

For those of us never loved as children,

Our value and worth are hard to surmise.

But, know, precious ones, we all are here

As gifts from the Power that is Higher,

So remember you are priceless and amazing,

The next time your feet is held to the fire.


Written for Thursday Inspiration 21 from Paula light at Light Motifs. The theme  for today is fire. I saw the picture above yesterday as I walked on a trail with my husband, and as a survivor of domestic violence, I immediately thought not of the snakes that slither on the ground, but the two-footed kind that stalks others to hurt them. 




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