The Daily Four Answered

Answering The Daily Four Questions from Rory at A Guy Called Bloke for September 12, 2019.

Have you ever been afraid of the dark?

Yes, I still fear the dark at times! As a woman, I know that the dark can be dangerous for me, with evil people lurking, seeking to hurt others. I survived a sexual assault over 40 years ago, where the guy had a gun and shot it. I find myself still asking my husband every night, “Did you lock the doors?” He very patiently answers in the affirmative each day.

Have you ever been arrested? 

No, thank God. The closest I came was one night when a popular performer refused to play a concert until he was paid first, frustrated concert goers started tearing the auditorium apart. I was at a night club with my first husband and the police surrounded the whole club filled with young black people, looking for the culprits. Someone called out that the place was crawling with cops. We inched our way out of the club and into our car that was sitting near the entrance. We ducked down in the car, thinking the police would fire on the car, but they didn’t. The next day I read that everyone in the place was arrested. Some of them, just like my husband and I, had not been at the concert. I was so thankful to God that we weren’t arrested or shot dead.

What were your first thoughts this morning when you awoke?

Thank you, God, for another day’s journey! Thank you, Father, for keeping us safe through the night and that no phone calls came in the night of tragedy or harm to family or friends.

If you could have witnessed anything around the world in whatever time zone, what would you have loved to have seen first hand?

There are two events I hope to witness some day. One is my hope and dream to see the Northern Lights in Iceland. The second is to visit the Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia, where many of the exhibits have never been seen and are not allowed out of the country.

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