In Her Own World: Friday Fictioneers

Hiding in the closet, a book in her hands, Janie mentally escaped from the fighting and screaming of her parents. As a precocious five year old, she could disappear into far-away places when reading books, safe in their pages.

The years passed, and she married and became the parent. Life was mildly sardonic, seemingly filled with constant problems to be solved. But one aspect of her life stayed constant: the healing power of reading. Now, she is thankful for reading glasses, for she can still escape into a world of her own in her books.

Fictional story written for Friday Fictioneer by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields at Addicted to Purple. Write a story of less than 100 words from the picture prompt by CEAyr. Ragtag prompt is Sardonic. Your Daily Prompt is Precocious









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