Some Traditions are Still Needed: 100 Word Wednesday #138

Image from Cryanny

The dining room was a special place

Where families met and conversed

About their lives and dreams and hopes

And sometimes discussed any hurts.

Around the table they sat and felt

Joy just being in each other’s presence.

Poppa asked each child about school,

Because learning held such reverence.

Those traditions are going away,

Each member staring at their phone.

The supper is passed around,

But it’s as though each is eating alone.

Yet, those moments are needed by all,

Leading to moments so sublime.

Put down the phones and talk to each other,

While you still have the time.

Poem written for 100 Word Wednesday #138 from Bikurgurl. I looked up Salle a Manger on the side of the building in the photo, and it meant dining table. A poem or prose of exactly 100 words, using the picture given as the prompt.

2 thoughts on “Some Traditions are Still Needed: 100 Word Wednesday #138

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  1. So true! We have a tradition of putting phones away at the table – there is nothing more rude than trying to have a conversation with someone who’s buried in the blue glow 😉 Thank you for joining us again this week ❤


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