When in Doubt, Go to the Doctor

I feel like three-year-old kid! I have an ear infection! For nearly a month, I have had a feeling of something in my ear, but no fever. I didn’t think you could have a serious infection without a high fever! The last time I felt pressure in the ear, it was because I was clinching my teeth at night and locking up my jar, due to stress. I thought it was the same thing again.

But, over the last few days, I haven’t been able to sleep on either of my sides, and I cannot sleep on my back, so I had some long, sleepless nights. I have been, like a small child, grabbing the ear, pushing my finger down it to stop the feeling that a bug was in it.

Then, on Monday, we went on a six-mile hike down the Silver Comet Trail near our home, and the whole time I was messing with my ear. It was so annoying, and I don’t yet have a doctor yet here in Georgia. Yesterday, the pain increased and I stopped hearing in stereo, so this morning I gave in and went to urgent care.

You can imagine my surprise to learn that I had a bad ear infection, and the doctor said that when I continued to put my finger in there trying to stop the feeling of an insect in it, I made it worse. She was surprised that I could hear at all. Admittedly, I have had pain off and on, but I attributed it to a problem with my jar, and I have a high tolerance for pain.

She scolded me, because I have diabetes and a heart problem. This could have gotten really bad. I have an appointment now for a doctor on Monday, and she recommended a cardiologist in a town 30 miles away that specializes in my type of heart disease and patients with defibrillators.

I am on the antibiotics and other medicines, as well as lots of comfort food. I realized that what I did was foolish. Douglas granted me clemency and didn’t say. “I told you so!” He even returned my books to the library, so I didn’t get fined for being late. Douglas has garnered a reputation for being a know-it-all, but I promised him that whenever I feel off-kilter, I will go to the doctor, and not be so antagonistic when he tries to persuade me to seek medical assistance.

So, if you have felt ill or just not quite yourself lately, don’t try to diagnose the condition. Go and see a doctor. You never know what serious illness may be lurking in your body.

Fandango prompt is Clemency. Ragtag prompt is Library. Word of the Day is Antagonistic. Daily Addictions prompt is Continued. Your Daily Prompt is Garnered.

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