Fulfilling the Calling from the Womb: OctPoWriMo 2019 Day 3

According to the words in the Bible,

The womb is where our life callings originate,

Before we were formed in our mother’s wombs,

God had set us apart and determined our fate.

The passion for teaching consumed me early,

As young as age eleven or, maybe, I was twelve.

I would gather my cousins on my aunt’s porch,

And teach them from books on our shelves.

I barely cajoled them in the summer months,

Because for them it was a time away from learning.

But I made promises to do people’s chores and tasks,

If only they would participate in my yearning.

It took until I was in my fifties for the dream

Of teaching to be fulfilled and become a reality.

I never gave up on believing deep in my heart

That a teacher was what God meant me to be.

So, no matter how old you may be as your read

This little poem I am trying so hard to create.

Whatever the calling God gave you in the womb,

One day He will fulfill it, even if it’s a little late.

Written for OctPoWriMo 2019, Day Three from Morgan Dragonwillow: Womb is the prompt. Write 31 poems in 31 days, using the prompts given. Word of the Day is Barely.

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