A Teddy Bear Sanctuary: Three Things Challenge

Calvin started a teddy bear sanctuary

For all the teddy bears children outgrew.

He has quite an array of the “old friends,”

From Teddy Ruxpin to Winnie the Pooh!

They have joined his private collection,

Bears he has worked so hard to save.

He can’t stand to see them all alone,

After the love and safety that they gave.

Written for the Three Things Challenge from Pensitivity 101: private, array, and teddy.

One thought on “A Teddy Bear Sanctuary: Three Things Challenge

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  1. This is beautiful! We collected teddy bears for years but had to rehome most when we bought the boat as we had nowhere to put them.
    Pingbacks are working OK, it just takes me a while to get onto my blog to approve them, so don’t worry f they don’t show up immediately
    Thanks for playing along. I appreciate it.


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