Hiding in Plain Sight: Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge

Photo by mirceaianc at Pixabay.com

Gus peeked out of the mask, hoping to spot his target. He was taking a risk being here in the open like this, but he had to do his duty. He knew that the likelihood of getting away with his life after completing the deed was small, but then, he had been in tighter spots on behalf of the American government.

The target was surrounded by a lot of security, but they wouldn’t be able to stop Gus from exacting revenge for the death of his partner. Dressed like one of the many street performers that people tend to ignore and forget after a few moments of admiring the ingenuity of their outfits, Gus was positioned to get the job done.

He knew that human nature would draw his target to him, so he waited for the man to come over and examine his suit made of tin, for the target owned a tin mine. In fact, Gus and his partner were in the midst of gathering information on the target’s dealings in tin with an unfriendly government when the target found them in his office and started shooting. His partner never had a chance.

As the man came closer, totally awed by the tin suit, Gus remained still. When the target was within ten feet of him, Gus moved, shocking the target and the security folks around him. Gus, then, removed one of the knife-sharp panels off his jacket and reached over and implanted it in the target’s heart. The target never had a chance!

In the chaos after the deed, Gus took off the disguise as he walked away. By the time he reached the train station, he was his old, plain self.

Fictional story written for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge, October 7, 2019. Write a story of less than 300 words, using the photo given as the prompt. Fandango daily prompt is Partner.

5 thoughts on “Hiding in Plain Sight: Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge

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    1. I love espionage, have since I discovered Robert Ludlum and John Le Carre and Tom Clancy. Wanted to be a spy, but I doubt a short, less than 5 ft. tall black woman could be inconspicuous enough not to get herself killed. But, boy to use the gadgets that M devises for Bond and drive his car would be the cat’s meow! But maybe, I just wanted to be able to whip behinds and take names.


    1. I loved Robert Ludlum. Had to have anyew books as quick as they appeared. He and John La Carre and Tom Clancy fueled my imagination and a desire to be fierce and able to whip butts and take names. So, I am humbled by the comment.

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