The Beauty and Endurance of Arches: Cee’s Fun Foto

In Europe, I have seen some great arches, and each made me feel so small. But I marveled at the ingenuity of human beings to build these huge objects and they are still standing centuries later, when my refrigerator doesn’t last for ten years.

In the National Park in Elche, Spain.
At The Archaeological Museum in Elche, Spain
At the Santa Barbara Castle, in Alicante, Spain.
In Pompeii, outside of Naples, Italy,
At Saepinium, in Sepino, Italy, in the province of Campbasso
Another arch in Saepinium, in Sepino, Italy, Campbasso province.
Another arch in Saepinium, Sepino, Italy, Campbasso province.

Photos for Cee’s Fun Foto: Circles, Curves, and Arches for October 8, 2019.

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