Send it Back: Three Things Challenge #28

Caroline never sent food back in restaurants, no matter how bad it tasted. Her mother had taught her that it was impolite to point out people’s failures. But tonight her peas were too mushy and the steak was cold, with the gravy ramifying across her plate.

She started to leave, but decided that, for once, she would stand up for herself. Nervous, but determined, she raised her hand to get the server’s attention. When he asked what was the problem, she told him of her concerns.

Thankfully, he didn’t make a fuss. He took the offending food away, apologizing profusely. Then, he returned with a plate of food that she fully enjoyed.

She learned that it was her right to speak up and complain, for when you spend your money, you should receive what is promised. If not, send it back!

Semi-autobiograhical story story written for the Three Things Challenge #28 from Pensitivity 101. The three prompts were mushy, cold, and speak. Ragtag prompt is Thankful. Word of the day is Nervous. Your Daily Prompt is Ramify.

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