Enjoy the Beauty Close to Home

I suggested Douglas and I walk on the walking trail that had been prominent in the decision to buy our home. In the eight weeks that we have lived here, we have driven to the Silver Comet Trail to hike, rather than simply walk a couple of blocks and hit the trail near us.

But, as we walked this morning, I was amazed at the beauty we had ignored. I realized that often we miss God’s bounty around us, thinking that there is something better in bigger places.

It took us about an hour to walk from our home to the end of the walking path and back. We admired the houses near the trail, saddened not to see another person on the trail, but it is the early morning on a weekday. What a great place, though, to meet neighbors and shoot the breeze!

Only members of the HOA are allowed on the path, so I feel I can walk it and not be nervous about being harmed, which is a plus for me. The silence as we walked, only the singing of birds to disturb it, was simply delicious.

Along the way, I took pictures of the beauty we have been missing. It has confirmed for me that we are where we are meant to be, as the peace in nature soothes my soul like nothing else can. I am thankful to the neighbor who told us of a shortcut to the trail.

A lovely up and down bridge.
This is the fishing lake on the back of the subdivision!
Greens of all shades are so soothing to the mind!
Someone must visit a lot, leaving a white chair f up in the trees for sitting! A great view of the lake.

I plan to walk the path a lot, especially as it allows me to commune with nature. Each season will look different, as the beautiful reds and yellows of fallen leaves attest. The winter should be as beautiful when many of the leaves are gone and the trees are bare.

The colors of the trees are just spectacular. I want to come here with a book, sit by the water, and just be one with the birds.

What a great setting to live in, surrounded by mature trees, a lake, and surrounded by nature at its very best. We are surely blessed!

Douglas and me (the shadow) enjoying the beauty around us.

Ragtag prompt is Thankful. Word of the Day is Nervous.

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