Romance Can Be Hard Work: Three Things Challenge #35

He was a little nerdy guy,

With his ruler in his pocket.

Every day he seemed so jittery,

Like his hand was caught in a socket.

Even with a pimple on his nose,

His personality was awfully kind.

So, I chased after him shamelessly,

Determined to make him all mine.

It was a brisk and cold day,

And the skies above were overcast.

Unladylike, I walked up beside him,

And I caught his attention, at last.

I planned for us a good family

Of three or four very smart kids,

I knew a keeper when I saw one,

No broken home for us, God forbid!

Poem written for Three Things Challenge #35 from Pensitivity 101: personality, pimple, lead. Fandango prompt is Ruler. Ragtag prompt is Broken. Word of the Day is Jittery. Your Daily Prompt is Brisk. Daily Addictions prompt is Family.

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