Mountaintop Courage: OctPoWriMo 2019, Day 20

Standing at the base of the mountain,

Looking up to where snow rested on top.

I wanted to see the views from up there ,

But my fear of heights to that put a stop.

The guide gushed of the wondrous views

To be seen, if I would just be brave and go.

Watching the gondolas swing in the wind

Was the real reason that I kept saying no.

So, she had to stay down below with me,

And such sadness covered her young face.

So, I decided that I couldn’t be the reason

She missed the views from the special place.

Upward we went, gondola kept swaying,

Eyes closed, screams buried in my throat.

Then she and I reached the mountaintop, and

Seeing the view, “Oh, my God!” was my quote.

The magnificence that I beheld before me,

Snow-covered mountains in the distance,

Filled my soul with such amazing joy

That I praised God for their very existence.

I learned that day at the top of the French Alps

Not to ever allow fear to have control of me.

Instead, we must find mountaintop courage

To experience life’s gifts in all of their beauty.

Written for the OctPoWriMo 2019, Say 20. The prompts were mountains or oceans.

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