Watch Where You Are Going: Three Things Challenge #37

I saw the deer as they entered the backyard. I always get such a thrill to see the whole family romping together. I wanted to get a shot of them as they grazed on the hedgerows around the side of the house.

I grabbed my phone and ran out the back door. I had not gone more than fifty feet into the yard when my feet tripped on the anniversary gift that I had bought for my husband, Charlie: a group of glass animals. Being so forgetful these days, I hadn’t remembered that they were there, and I was the one who placed them!

I screamed as I went down, and the deer ran toward the horizon, frightened by all of the noise. Nothing seems to hurt as much as self-inflicted pain.

As I entered the house, I looked at my arms and legs, and it appeared as if someone had assaulted me! When Charlie found me later, I implicated that it was all his fault for not moving those stupid animals. But, of course, it wasn’t his crime at all!

Written for the Three Things Challenge for October 20, 2109 from Pensitivity 101: self, assaulted, hedgerow. Fandango prompt is Horizon. Ragtag prompt is Forgetful. Word of the day is Anniversary. Your Daily Prompt is Implicate. Daily Addictions prompt is Deer.

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  1. Ouch! On a good note, our home in CO had deer come into the driveway and lawn frequently. It was a small mountain town, but it made me wonder where they stayed at night! It was a blessing though, a very special gift to see them.


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