Broken, But Repairable: OctPoWriMo 2019, Day 22

Today’s OctPoWriMo prompt is Broken, and it is a loop poem. I looked at the examples and decided to try to write a loop poem.

I was broken, as far as I could see

See the insanity in my very being

Being afraid to live a life of love

Love so needed but not receiving.

Believed the lies that I was told  

Told as if it were all the truth.

Truth is relative to each one

One in the innocence of youth.

Prayed and was put back together

Together and made in a better way

Way, truth, and life was my answer

Answer to the problems of each day.

Broken, but repairable, can be mended

Mended heart, mind, strength, and soul

Soul endures patiently in life’s trials

Trials come but needn’t take control.


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