Fear Stunts Our Growth: Three Things Challenge #38

Katie knew that her mother thought she was doing what was right for her precious daughter. But, she wrapped Katie in a bubble of fear, not allowing her to experience the real world, unlike the other children playing outside their windows.

Some days, Katie wanted to scream at her mother to let her go outside and laugh with the abandonment of youth. But constantly being reminded of impending death ahead created in her a meekness, even in regards to her mother.

She was afraid that if her mother were to get upset with her, she would have no one to keep her safe. The bottom line was a stunted, joyless life!

But, her mother died while Katie was in her fifties. Finally, she saw that she could survive each day without her. Katie’s first courageous act was learning to drive. “What freedom!” she ecstatically extolled, as she barreled down the highway at 75 miles per hour on her way to sky-diving school.

Somewhat fictional [elements of my life as basis] story written for the Three Things Challenge from Pensitivity 101: precious, bottom, meek.

Fandango prompt is Ahead. Ragtag prompt is Scream. Word of the Day is Bubble. Daily Addictions prompt is Right.

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