Some People are Natural Bridge Burners: First Line Friday

“Never burn a bridge you could push them off later.” That was the ironic advice Janet received from her mother, who was the consummate bridge burner. Mother didn’t know how to solve problem with others in ways that allowed her relationships with them to go unharmed.

Janet remembered vividly the day when Mother, lamenting her birthday not being placed in the Baptist church bulletin, accosted the church secretary, Ms. Merrill. All the way to the church office on the next Monday, Janet had tried to tell her mother to be cool and not cause a scene. But because of her youth, her mother simply shushed her, stating, “I am not a barbarian, child!”

But, it didn’t take long after her mother and the church secretary started talking that punches were being thrown between the two middle-aged women, causing Reverend Johnson to run out of his office to break up the fight. “What on earth is wrong here?,” the good reverend asked.

Well, her mother in her usual short-tempered way had words with the pastor, and they were not pretty words. The result was that bridges were burned and now the family had to attend the Presbyterian church a few miles out of town.

Fictional story written for First Line Friday from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. The first line is “Never burn a bridge you could push them off later.” Fandango prompt is Youth. Daily Addictions Prompt is Birthday. Ragtag prompt is Punch. Word of the Day is Lament.

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  1. I’m well familiar with “natural bridge burners”…in a family where no skills are taught to communicate with truth and respect, to preserve relationships, burning bridges becomes ingrained, the hallmark of each individual. I really don’t know any other way…which accounts for my status as recluse, estranged from family/friends.


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