Leave Them Wanting More: Tale Weaver #251

Author Unknown

It’s daybreak of the last day on my job.

I am retiring to travel around the world.

I know a party has been planned for me,

but how will their sentiments unfurl?

Will my colleagues be glad that I am leaving,

Or will they truly miss my contributions?

I tried to never be a problem worker,

Always seeking to be part of the solutions.

I made it a point to give eight hours work

For the eight hours that I was paid.

I met my deadlines, without fail,

And my reports were never delayed.

I didn’t leave my work for others to do,

Working the moment I entered the door,

Mainly because my mother had taught me to

Always leave your bosses wanting more.

So, as I put this job I love behind me,

I will leave with my head held high.

If no one says, “Job well done, lady,”

I’ll know that I truly always tried.

Written for the Tale Weaver #251 from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. The prompt is jobs. Daily Addictions prompt is Daybreak.

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