Unexpected Gifts are the Best Kind

On Thanksgiving Day, I received a call from my oldest child, whom I didn’t expect to see that day. Her sister-in-law had brought me a gift from North Carolina, so she wanted me to come over to her house to receive it.

I was stunned that someone had a gift for me, especially as I had only seen this lady once, and that was four years ago at the marriage of her brother and my daughter. She bought me a Max Lucado book called God’s Mirror: A Modern Parable. What is so amazing is that I have never talked to her and told her how much I love Max Lucado’s books! There is always much to be learned from his books!

It was an unexpected gift in more than one way. While I was there to obtain the book, I saw my oldest grandchild who was in Atlanta to attend the Falcons and Saints game. Seeing Tay is always such a wonderful experience, as he lives in Los Angeles and seldom comes home. Like me, he loves to travel, and we agreed to take a trip together to Europe next year. Yay!

I also spent time with two of my nine great-grandchildren. One of those memories that no one will forget occurred. When I saw Tay, I screamed and ran to hug him, passing the two great-granddaughters. The youngest, about 6 years of age, grabbed me and said, “What about me?!” I assured her that I was just as excited to see her as I was her uncle.

Lastly, I had the opportunity to start a new friendship with the gift giver. Amazingly, she is shorter than me, which is nearly impossible, as I am less than five feet tall! We sat and talked and I thanked her for her generosity in remembering my birthday. She didn’t have to do it, for she owed me nothing.

The receipt of the gift made this Thanksgiving Day special, for it reminded me that being truly thankful requires us to remember that we are not entitled to anything just because we are in the world, and that no one owes us anything. We must be grateful for the compassion, thoughtfulness, and love of others that they give without expecting something in return.

Douglas wanted to give the lady and her husband a gift in return, but I explained to him that to do so might send the wrong message. When I give a gift from my heart and people insist on giving me something back, so that they don’t feel obligated to me, it bothers me. She was just glad that I liked the book and that we will now be in touch. She truly reflected the heart of God to me! That is the real gift!

Ragtag prompt is Hug.

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