What Happened to Learning for the Sweetness of Knowing?

It’s difficult to remain stoic as

Intelligence ceases to be sought.

Sad to see book leaves go unturned,

And find that no one wants to be taught.

I’ve a cacoethes to give knowledge,

A quality education is what I bring.

But it’s tiresome to have to prod

Someone to want to learn many things.

They cavil, not specific in their excuses,

Only wanting to hear what’s on the test.

They don’t seek quality of instruction,

Not choosing to bank all of the rest.

I say knowledge is like a glass of sweet tea

That makes us drool saliva at the thought

Of drinking it all down to the very last drop,

So, please partake of all that you’ve bought.

Written for Wordle #180 from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. The prompts are:

Cacoethes- an irresistible urge: mania
Cavil- to raise irritating and trivial objections; find fault with unnecessarily

11 thoughts on “What Happened to Learning for the Sweetness of Knowing?

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    1. I am a professor who returned to the classroom after two years, as I was tired of doing nothing. But, I am rethinking it. I am teaching at a local college, whereas I was used to four-year universities and more prepared students. I wondered if their attitudes are from high school, as I teach a freshman level introduction to sociology. I tell them that college is not high school 2.0, and that they have to work for their grades, but they don’t seem to understand that whole notion, some not even writing the written assignments. I am simply flabbergasted.

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      1. I was teaching high school and the attitude was “I’m not fucking doing that”. I’m like, what? After losing my son, who loved education and was brilliant I couldn’t go back. I have no empathy for it.

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      2. I can’t go back into a classroom. I want to become a Spec. Ed Director but I was offered the chance to get a classroom job and I can’t…Losing my son has broken my heart more than imaginable and if I hear a student say that they don’t need education I think I will snap. My son just graduated high school and was heading to Florida Institute of Technology. He was brilliant.

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      3. I am so sorry that you lost your son. I lost my son in 2006, one week after he attended my PhD graduation. He stopped taking heart rejection medicine. He was tired, I guess. It is the toughest loss ever. I am praying for peace for you. Take your time and don’t let anyone tell you how long to grieve or how to grieve. It is the worst horror one can experience in a lifetime, or even two lifetimes. My condolences.


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