A Weird Feeling of Familiarity

Strolling down the streets of Paris years ago,

I felt like I had walked those streets before.

It was a weird feeling of deja vu like no other,

But I’d never visited this place I so adored.

The buildings seemed somehow very familiar,

And I could find my way easily to every place.

The electricity that seeped up from the streets

Stirred something in my heart as I slowed my pace.

Maybe my desperate longing to visit this amazing city

Was so strong that when I finally had the chance,

My spirit joined with the spirits of all came before,

Leading me to think that here I had once danced.

Written for Reena’s Exploration Challenge #127: deja vu. This truly happened to me when I visited Paris in 1997. I felt like I had lived there. The museums and monuments and street life were pure beauty and magic.

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