Apart in the Same House: Loving from a Distance

Douglas still works part-time at the local home improvement store, and, even though he is in the at-risk age group, his managers insist he must come to work. Because I have a heart condition and I only have half a left lung, my husband decided that we should stay apart in the same house, to protect me. I am so thankful that he cares, but it is so lonely.

I don’t go out to exercise, using the treadmill in the basement. But, Douglas has to get out of he house or he’ll go bonkers. He goes to play disc golf, but alone, to minimize any possible exposure. I don’t think any of us could have predicted anything so life-changing as this time. I am stunned at the disruptions to everyone’s lives.

We already had no camaraderie with neighbors, so not being with them is not a problem. But we did enjoy going on the Silver Comet Trail to walk, the gym for strength training, and to church for bible studies, and, of course, all that is stopped. Our kids are staying away, in consideration for our health, which I so appreciate the love.

I am learning how to put my classes at the college online, and though I complained about students not reading, I miss those jokers more than I could have believed just a week ago. I will lecture via Zoom, inviting students to meet me in a place that is like Skype on steroids.

Over the centuries, there have been plagues before, and certainly we lived through the H1N1 flu and the HIV/AIDS crises, but this situation is so different, as it has shut down travel, eating out, shopping, and my Afro will be so high by the time I can get a haricut that I may have to duck to get in the house.

Yet, life happens and all we can do is our best to stay safe and keep our neighbors and family safe. I was amazed to see that thousands are carousing at the beach in Florida, but, then, Americans have always shown a tendency toward invincibility and can’t-happen-to-me-ness.

So, this is a new reality, and my heart goes out to mothers and fathers holed up with children who just want to go outside and play or who are bored. I miss having my husband hold my hand, but I accept the social distancing in our home as proof of his love for me and his concern for my welfare. My condolences to all who have lost loved ones.

I will be so glad when this horror ends and we can sit and watch our Hallmark movies again, you know, the really sappy ones that they offer all day long! It serves as a quietus for my soul in these anxious and uncertain times! Watching love and kissing is about all we can do for now.

Fandango prompt is Carouse. Ragtag prompt is Hold My Hand. Word of the Day Challenge is Quietus.

7 thoughts on “Apart in the Same House: Loving from a Distance

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  1. Oh Dear Regina, I am so thankful you have a husband who cares so deeply for you, but yes, it is so lonely! I am the one staying home, and having my hubby wash so thoroughly when he gets home. My immune system is compromised, and I’m on several immune lowering drugs, so I must be careful too. But I am praying for you with the difficulties you carry with your lung and heart difficulties. I am so glad that we are never separated from the Holy Spirit in us! May you feel His comfort so strongly with you there.

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  2. I’m glad to know that you are so loved, Regina! I am newly acquainted with Zoom as my daughter tuned in this morning to have her three month old watch his favorite music class—interactive singing and dancing. Hunker down! Be safe.

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