Lessons for an Introvert!

Ginny never was a gregarious person, but she did enjoy attending a soiree now and then with one of her friends who was determined to break her of her self-imposed isolation. She would go along to get along, but she hated listening to the liars making all sorts of false claims about their love lives, work lives, or fun lives.

So, she should have been thrilled with the social distancing guidelines, and having to stay at home by herself. But, her life had been full in other ways that she now missed so much. She loved taking her camera out into public spaces, to document people’s truths, such as her friend Marcia holding her baby so close that anyone psssing by could feel her tremendous love.

This virus had caused everything to shift, foiling her attempts to do what she loved. No longer could she get close enough to capture emotions, having to keep her distance for her sake and for the health of would-be subjects.

But, she had found a silver lining in all of this alone time. She realized that we all need others, and that keeping to ourselves, alienated from other people, wasn’t healthy. In forced isolation, she had to question her motives for keeping her distance before, and she didn’t like the answers. Now, she waits with anticipation to hear her friends’ lies, comprehending that their lies were as much their safety net from the hurts of other people’s opinions as isolation had been for her.

Fandango prompt is Soiree. Ragtag prompt is Truth. Word of the Day Challenge is Liar. Your Daily Prompt is Gregarious. Also, the Three Things Challenge 203 for April 12 from Pensitivity 101 are camera, shift, and foil.

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