Letting Our Alter Egos Free When We Travel: Sunday Writing Prompt

College f
Collage from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie for the Sunday Writing Prompt

The assignment from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie for the Sunday Writing Prompt for April 12, 2020 is to write a poem or prose using the collage above as the prompts.

Away from the ordinariness of my life,

I allowed my other selves free reign.

I became a travel warrior, fearless,

Understanding no risks meant no gain.

I ate raspberries rich and red in cereal,

Something I’d never tried once at home.

I swam in a river as the current passed,

Enjoying the feeling of being all alone.

I saw a rusted truck bumper with flowers

Growing in abundance along its side.

And I stepped up on it, laughing with joy

As I pretended I was taking it for a ride.

On a path that not many people had taken,

I saw many rubber duckies all in a line.

I wondered how they’d come to be there,

So whimsical and lovely and so sublime.

I took off my glasses in salute to them

As fellow lovers of the great outdoors,

As I realized that when we leave our nests,

We must try to become so much more.

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