Cheaters Make Me Want to Cry!

I am feeling frazzled as this semester ends.

Two identical tests are trying my missing wit.

If you don’t have the fortitude to be honest,

Then maybe from this course you should quit.

And let me give you each some sound advice,

As you both managed less than fifty percent.

Choose someone smarter than you to imitate,

Then you won’t find yourself with a lament.

I found that two students turned in practically the same exam, with the same correct and incorrect answers and nearly the same two essays. I don’t really know which copied off the other, as they both failed the exam. So I warned them if it happens on the final exam, they will fail the course and be reported for academic dishonesty.

Fandango prompt is Fortitude. Ragtag prompt is Frazzled. Word of the Day Challenge is Wit. Your Daily Prompt is Identical.

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