Still Getting Around!

Photo courtesy of Donna McNicol

To the young people, I am a curious sight,

Walking slowly but surely towards town.

They say that I should be safe in my bed,

But I tell them, “I can still get around.”

I’m not quick as the roadrunner, I know,

But I’m still as wise as the old red fox.

Don’t let the bent back fool you, children,

For I learned to fight down at the docks.

So, laugh all you want at my slow steps,

But let me give some much-needed advice.

Take care of yourself and treat people right,

For long life is like the roll of the dice.

Not everyone lives to see as many years

As I have been so blessed by God to see.

So, I won’t lose one moment laying abed,

I’ll get around, even if it’s very slowly.

Written for the Sunday Photo Fiction for May 3, 2020 from Donna. Also the Three Things Challenge #224 from Pensitivity 101: bed, young, curious.

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