The First Time I Held You: Sunday Writing Prompt

My eyes filled with tears,

Holding you in my hands.

A sensation gripped my soul,

As I felt my heart expand.

I seemed to be someone new,

No longer just like any other.

I knew you would depend on me,

For I was now someone’s mother.

I called you my Black knight,

Your dark skin glistened with oil.

Never could I be selfish again,

For your needs would define my toil.

I couldn’t help but keep looking at you,

Counting your ten toes and ten fingers.

You are gone from this life too soon,

But the love from that day still lingers.

Written for the Sunday Writing Prompt on emotions. Describe it in terms of bodily reactions, perceptions, behavioral changes induced by the emotion. Describe it scientifically and/or abstractly. Seeing my son for the first time immediately came to mind. It was hard not to use adjectives,

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