The High Price of Fickleness: Tale Weaver #275

Rodney was known as a fickle prince,

No one girl was enough for him.

He didn’t try to understand fidelity,

Thinking he was such a gift to them.

Intimacy was for girls, he thought,

He was just looking for some quick fun.

But, like every cad whose ever lived,

A situation arose he couldn’t overcome.

A beautiful girl was on a precipice,

And he decided with her to have his way,

But when she kissed him, a frog he became,

Now he wishes to go back to yesterday.

But, no matter the promises he makes

That he will change if he can be human again,

He is stuck in this altered state of being,

Forever to wish for what might have been.

Written for Tale Weaver #275 from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie: a fairy tale about a frog prince. Fandango prompt is Fickle. Ragtag prompt is Overcome. Word of the Day Challenge is Intimacy. Your Daily Prompt is Precipice. The Daily Spur is Yesterday.

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