Be Careful When the Canary Sings!

Detective Chief Inspector Warren looked on the prisoner nicknamed among the cops as the Canary, whose real name was Wilton Marbury III. Wilton was spilling all of the supposed secrets of the latest bungled heist. But, DCI Warren wondered if they could believe anything the Canary said, as lying had passed as normal behavior for Wilton for most of his adult life.

Wilton’s mother had implored him to change and tell the truth, telling him with all seriousness, “Liars are relegated to the hottest part of Hell!” He had been walking with his mother in the garden of their manor, and as she told him that proverb, he looked up and marveled at an object shooting across the sky, with flames trailing it.

Now, he was in trouble again, and he couldn’t be sure if his partner in crime, Jock, would remember the story that they had agreed on, which he didn’t. As Wilton was led away by Police Constable Comet to the bus for the prison known as “Hell’s Kitchen,” he realized that he’d had a sense of forboding that day in the garden with his mother, but he had missed its significance.

I thought that I would try the Sunday Writing Prompt “5 by 5” from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie today. we were given five clues to incorporate into a story. Also, the Three Things Challenge from Pensitivity 101: passed, normal, change.

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