When the Grandkids Won’t Eat Your Cooking!

I shouted that I had baked a batch of cookies.

Everyone acted busy and didn’t respond to my call.

Not even the hungry grandkids came for one,

For they’d been told of my culinary shortfall.

Written for the Three Things Challenge #259 for June 7, 2020: batch, respond, busy

3 thoughts on “When the Grandkids Won’t Eat Your Cooking!

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  1. This is funny, as I remember that great gran’s was always best! I didn’t know either of my grandmothers as they died way before I was born, but I was lucky to have great grandparents who were extremely young at heart.

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  2. Im a pretty good cook but one day my grandkids hot dogs on the grill and I accidentally burned them. They have never let me forget it! Every time they come over to eat it is brought up again and again. They get a lot of mileage from it 🤣 I will never live it down

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