Overcoming Our Fears!

From Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie

Ripples of peace flowed through my body and mind,

As I pondered my life in that dark night of the soul.

A new awakening entered as I released years of fear,

And for the first time in a long time, I felt truly whole.

I knew I had to find ways to be courageous and brave,

To have a dreaded vis-a-vis with my all of my fears.

So, with coherent thought, I took a trip to the Alps,

Because my vow to overcome my terrors was in arrears.

One day, I found strength that was hidden inside of me,

And with my heart trembling, I traveled to the very top.

Up there, the beauty of the place saved me in ways unseen,

For I started traveling the world, and I have never stopped.

True story of the time I went to Geneva, Switzerland alone, and decided to try to overcome my fear of heights that had kept me from enjoying amazing scenery when I traveled. Written for the Sunday Writing Prompt from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. The prompt is the Dark Night of the Soul. Fandango prompt is Vis-a-vis. Ragtag prompt is Ripples. Word of the Challenge is Awakening. Your Daily Prompt is Coherent. The Daily Spur prompt is Save.

2 thoughts on “Overcoming Our Fears!

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  1. I was thinking about fears one Sunday morning, as this was the topic of our Sunday School lesson, and a thought popped into my head: “Fear is self-centeredness.” Completely out of the blue!
    And then the explanation came to me this way: You look to yourself for courage, for answers — and you know you don’t have them. So you fear. If you would look to God, Who can give answers, and needed courage, you wouldn’t need to be overcome by fear.”
    He’s helped me face and overcome my fears in several different ways through the years, but this direct answer I’ve never forgotten.


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