What Are Those Two-Legged Things Doing Down There?

Photo from Lewis Roberts- Unsplash

Watching the little monkey looking down on us,

I wondered what he could have possibly thought

Of the two-legged creatures sitting under the tree

And of the havoc to his habitat they often wrought.

I spoke softly, telling him there was no need to be afraid,

That those in our party would never do him any harm.

But, he kept his distance, not trusting my reassurances,

And I understood, for he was still such a little bairn.

From my own experiences with the two-legged animals,

I, too, often wonder why mischief stirs in their minds.

So, I stopped trying to coerce him from his safe space,

Knowing we were both better off with our own kind.

Written for the What do you see? Challenge #41 from Sadje at Keep It Alive.

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