Whatever Motivation It Takes!

If our stars align right, I should be at my goal weight no later than eight weeks from today,” she had said to her husband. He had then asked her what delights and deliciousness did she want to partake of to celebrate her wondrous achievement.

She had thought about it for about five minutes. Then with a big smile she’d responded, “I want my BFF, bucket filling friend, at Kentucky Fried Chicken to fill a bucket with fried dark meat chicken, as many thighs and legs as a bucket can hold, and I will eat to my great delight!” He had laughed at his wife, but he knew that she really loved fried chicken, and he would bet that just the thought of that bucket of fried greasiness would keep his wife on task!

And he was right! Eight weeks later, 16 pounds lighter and looking good, he watched her try to devour a bucket of chicken legs and thighs. But, because of the weight loss, all she could manage were two of each! Still, she was happy and healthier, and that is all that mattered to him! The rest they gave to the men under the bridge, along with all of the fixings and drinks.

Fictional story writtien for the August Writing Prompts from Putting My Feet in the Dirt. The prompts are in italics in the story.

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  1. You were the second person to use the BFF prompt to write about KFC. Lol… I guess that’s where everyone’s mind must go when thinking about bucket filling. 😁

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