Knowing When to Let Go is Invaluable: Wordle #205

I had an addiction to being loved.

Romance was to me like eating honey.

The sweet pleasure of someone’s kisses

Was more important than their money.

Then with a swagger I’d never seen,

You blew into my life during a lull.

I had no clue my life would unravel,

And I never took the time to sit and mull.

Your playful ways initially brought me joy,

But you started to vituperate me constantly.

I couldn’t pinpoint what I was doing wrong,

So, I had to put distance between you and me.

I learned that the joy we carve out in this life

Is already in us, and it alone makes us whole.

I overcame my addiction to being in love,

When for your love, I paid a heavy toll.

Written for the Wordle #205 from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. The twelve prompt words are addiction, lull, clue, swagger, carve, vituperate, distance, pinpoint, pleasure, honey, playful, ravel.

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