One Moment Everything is Fine, and Then….

I just got out of the hospital about three hours ago. It was such a shock to find myself in a potentially life-threatening position and a need to be rushed to the emergency room at the local hospital. Yesterday morning I was planning my Sunday blog, but couldn’t concentrate. Then, I ate lunch.

About four hours later, I was in such pain that I couldn’t sit or stand. Douglas wanted me to go to the hospital, but I couldn’t believe a health emergency would come out of the blue. I stayed in a fetal position or draped over the toilet until all I could do was lay on the floor in pain.

Thankfully, my husband is as stubborn as I am, and he called the 24-hour nurse line and was told to take me to the hospital within the hour. I dressed and we were off. I am grateful today that we did.

The doctors found the problem with a Cat-scan and were going to do emergency surgery for an obstruction. But, oh how I prayed for no more surgery, and a miracle happened that prevented surgery, but I was admitted because I was severely dehydrated. The doctors were as happy as I was that no surgery was needed, which was a happy lesson. They were actually cheering for me!

What was hard for me is that because of coronavirus, Douglas couldn’t remain in the emergency room with me or visit me in my hospital room, and neither could my children, who were very upset. Thank God for mobile phones and texting.

But, I am home today, feeling off kilter physically and mentally, utterly surprised by how quickly life can change. One moment I am considering the Sunday Devotion, and seemingly the next moment, I am praying for a miracle. With the death of Douglas’s mother, we talked about being the oldest generation now.

I spent all night awake, and I cried at the thought of my children mourning me. But also, Douglas being left alone. I know that I am maudlin today because of the suddenness of the problem. I have to change how I eat and what I eat, but I am just thankful to be home. There is nothing like a hot shower and your own bed to lift your spirit. I am thankful for the people who prayed for me.

I will write the Sunday Devotion next week. I learned that Douglas and I cannot take life for granted, at our ages. And I want to start to spend more time with family, not letting the virus scare me so much. You just never know!

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  1. I went through something like this a few months back and I know how frightening it can be to realize how fragile life is — but also how glorious to understand that whatever happens our life is firmly in His hands. And He is faithful. Praise God for your recovery!

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