Knowing What’s Important in Life: The Weekend Shop

From Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie for the Sunday Writing Prompt

The owners, Maeve and Thomas, could have made more money, but they refused to deviate from being open only from Friday to Sunday. The rest of the week, they enjoyed their lives and baked the mouth-watering pastries and breads they proffered to customers who gathered together to buy the wonderful foods that teased their senses and made the trips from even 100 miles away well worth it.

They didn’t want to lose time together working 16-hours days to open daily. Having found each other in their fifties, they’d rather spend the time doing all of the activities they loved, like digging for clams to make their amazing clam chowder and going to funky and fun antique shops.

So, despite the scoundrelism of the mayor threatening to close them down if they didn’t open more often to help fuel sales at the other stores around their little shop, it was just more important for them to live the miracle of their life together to the fullest while they had the time. For Maeve and Thomas, life spent focusing only on making money wasn’t a life worth living. But one built on loving on each other and appreciating each moment together couldn’t be beat!

Fictional story written for the Sunday Writing Prompt from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie: The Weekend Shop. Fandango prompt is Deviate. Ragtag prompt is Clam. Your Daily Prompt is Proffer. The Daily Spur is Gather. Word of the Day is Scoundrelism.

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