Thank God for the End of the Day: What Do You See?

At the end of the day, when selling is done, my co-worker and I spend time talking together, something impossible to do in the hustle and bustle of selling and buying. It is a moment where our competition ends, and we can see each other’s humanity and discuss the important issues of the day.

Away from the heat of the store, and with the street empty of the seemingly inexhaustible numbers of cars, we take advantage of the quiet around us and sit outside, enjoying these moments of laughter and honesty. Neither of us wants the conversation to end, for having someone you can talk to about anything and whom you can present your true self, is a rarity in this divisive world of today. But our families need to see us and share our time, too. So, reluctantly, we stand and say goodnight.

Written for the What Do You See Challenge from Life After 50 for Women.

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