Nothing Like a Walk in the Park to Lift One’s Spirit

I had to go out for a walk! Normally, we walk four to six miles, but today, I stopped after 45 minutes. Yet, it was what my spirit needed. Here in Georgia, I needed a jacket to walk, but the wind pushing against my back felt so wonderful!

We saw the geese and other water fowl congregating in the small pond, and I was reminded of the ebb and flow of life in an order that has existed for centuries. Somehow, that very thought is encouraging and comforting for me.

White Oak Park

We walked around the pond twice and then took to the long trail. As we walked, I loved looking at the different types of trees, and I started devising a poem in my head for my blog titled, An Earth Without Trees Would Be Awful. There is something about trees that lifts my spirit and just walking among them “soothes the savage beast” of illness in me.

We watched as Canadian geese flew into the park in preparation for landing, and seeing them land so effortlessly in the pond was such a great moment. I thought of the scripture in Psalm 24:1, “The earth is the Lord’s, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell in it.” It seemed as if all is well, even in the midst of the crises we face.

White Oak Park

That sense of timeless beauty and activities really made our walk feel special, as we discussed doctor visits and new eating habits. The way the birds of different colors coexisted together without rancor and strife gave me hope that humans can, too.

So, the water, trees, other humans, dogs, and birds made my day, and I am thankful to be able to enjoy it, as I have use of all of my senses. Who could wish for anything more?

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