Playing for the Posh Crowd!

Jessica folded the envelope with the invitation for her to play at a posh reception. Known near and abroad as “The Weeping Mandolin for her tendency to play boisterously until tears flowed from her doe eyes, she looked forward to an evening very different from those to which she was accustomed.

Jittery from fear, her eyes widened, she entered the capacious dining room, dressed in a strapless gown, with white gloves that covered her elbows. She felt like a kitten in a room of rocking chairs! She was definitely out of her depth, but she needed the money, being low on this month’s rent. Everyone awaited the entrance of their host.

But when he entered in a roisterous manner, blind drunk, and attempting to be witty, she felt decidely more at home, for this was more like playing for the people down at the local pub. She relaxed and played to her heart’s content, tears and all. With that crowd of inebriated wealthy persons, there was enough in the kitty for two months’ rent!

Written for Wordle #210 from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. The prompts are in bold, along with the bonus prompt of The Weeping Mandolin.

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